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We have started product certification procedures

IThe IMS Institute was appointed by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure as a body for evaluating and verifying the constancy of the performance of construction products in accordance with the requirements of the Rulebook on technical requirements for elements of plastic pipeline systems for the supply of water intended for human use, the transport of contaminated and sewage water, transportation of gaseous fuels and heating installations.

In accordance with the above and bearing in mind our long-term cooperation with the IMS Institute, in order to continue and further improve it, Akvapan inženjering d.o.o. initiated the certification procedures of its products. We were the first in Serbia to receive certificates for PP/HDPE corrugated pipes of stiffness class SN4 and SN8, PVC UK compact pipes of stiffness class SN2, SN4 and SN8, as well as a certificate for water pipes PE100 from DN20 to DN630 PN4 to PN25.

In accordance with the regulations

Akvapan inženjering d.o.o. initiated certification processes in order to follow the amendments to the Law on Construction Products, as well as the regulations arising from it.