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Our special highlight: Aquapan accredited laboratory

Akvapan inženjering d.o.o., an accredited laboratory that follows the demands of the market, associates and users, continues its efforts aimed at improving the quality of its services and increasing its capacity to meet the needs of its clients. As a result of the team's commitment, Akvapan inženjering doo successfully increased its testing capacity by purchasing new equipment in 2022.

The new equipment allows us to now carry out internal pressure tests of larger diameter water pipes up to DN630mm. This represents a major step forward in our ability to provide quality testing and quality control services to all our clients.

In addition, with increased testing capacity, we can now provide more testing methods, including resistance to internal pressure testing, determination of tensile properties, as well as determination of pipe stiffness and flexibility. All these test methods are in accordance with relevant standards, such as SRPS EN ISO 1167, SRPS EN ISO 6259, SRPS EN ISO 9969 and SRPS EN ISO 13968.

With this move, our company once again demonstrates its commitment to providing quality services to its clients and remains a leader in the field of testing and quality control. Our laboratory will continue to work on developing its capacities and improving services in order to continue adapting to the changing needs of the market and our clients.

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