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International fair "Dani Voda" in Niš

RThe development and maintenance of water supply and sewage infrastructure are of vital importance to society. Water fairs are one of the most important events in the field of water supply and sewerage because they enable direct contact between producers/traders and investors and end users. Specialized water fairs are very important because they showcase the latest trends, solutions and technologies used in this area.

Although there are many general trade fairs dealing with different topics, specialized water trade fairs focus only on water and sewage networks, wastewater treatment and purification. That is why these fairs are very important for experts in the field of plumbing and sewage, but also for investors and end users who want to be informed about the latest solutions in this field.


Importance of the event:

Akvapan inženjering doo recognized the importance of water fairs and decided to present itself as an exhibitor for the first time at the 5th International Waterworks and Sewerage Equipment Fair with the Days of Water conference in Niš, held on 9-10th June 2022. This was an excellent way to present information about the latest solutions in the field of water and sewage networks, treatment and purification of waste water, as well as to make direct contact with investors and end users.

Attending the water fair has many positive effects, and one of the most important is the opportunity to establish contact with numerous investors and customers. In this way, new business relationships can be established and contracts can be concluded that will bring significant financial gain. Also, the presence at the water fair provides an opportunity to get to know the latest trends and technologies used in this area, which can be of great benefit for the development of new products and services.