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Ensuiring complete

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of pipelines

Ensuiring complete

Good electrical

High durability
of pipelines

PVC pipes for protection of cables

PVC pipes for the protection of telephone and power cables are made of non-softened polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U). 


PVC pipes have a number of advantages:

• An ideally smooth inner surface
• An ideally smooth inner surface
• Low weight, which enables easier transport and easier installation
• They are good electrical insulators
• An extremely wide range of various connecting, distribution and reducing pieces
• Achieving complete impermeability of pipelines
• High durability of pipelines and minimal costs maintenance
• Easy possibility of using PVC pipes and elements
  for rehabilitation of existing pipelines


Intended use

They are used for pipelines that are mounted inside and outside buildings.
They provide excellent protection against mechanical and other harmful environmental influences and are suitable for a wide range of cables, such as:

• telephone cables
• cables for television cable network
• optical cables
• cables for high and low voltage power supply
• cables for road, railway and other traffic signaling



PVC pipes can be in yellow (PTT) and red (EKK) colours, 4 or 6 m long. The nominal diameter is the outside diameter of the pipe. They are produced with an integrated muff, which with a rubber band serves to connect the pipe and ensures complete sealing. The useful length of the pipe is the length of the pipe without the integrated muff. 
All fashion elements used for laying PVC pipes are also produced:
PVC plug, PVC connector, spacer for PVC pipes and PVC sliding coupling.
PVC pipes are produced according to two different standards:
- SRPS EN 1401-1 - pipes that have a solid or compact wall
- SRPS EN 13476 -1, SRPS EN 13476 -2 - multilayer pipes where the pipe core is made of foamed PVC-U material


Packaging, handling, storage, transport
Connecting pipelines with detachable and non-detachable connections