AkvaPanInzenjering is proud of its quality achieved through the know-how, work methods and corporate culture actively promoted by each of its employees. We are actively engaged in constant monitoring of the needs and expectations of our customers and users of our products and services. Commitment to our customers is a primary concern of all our employees. The quality of the AkvaPanInzenjering company provides a constant drive for changes in the approach, habits and daily work of the employees, which is also attested by the quality certifications held by the company:

The product quality system is implemented by  AkvaPanInzenjering  across the range of its activities:

  • Control of materials input,
  • Control of production process,
  • Final control and verification.

AkvaPanInzenjering possesses a specialised laboratory for physical and mechanical testing of plastic and plastic products (pipes and other products for water-supply systems, gas pipelines, home and street sewage, telecommunications and power-supply systems and installations).

The versatile approach used by AkvaPanInzenjering to review the testing methods consists of:

  • implementation of standardised testing methods,
  • establishing and developing systems of inter-laboratory research,
  • continual improvement of quality in all segments of operation,
  • cultivating absolute ethics in relations with the service users.

The laboratory relies on the latest equipment for ultimate accuracy and reliability, fully controlled in accordance with the relevant metrology requirements.

See also Certificate of accreditation