The pipes for street sewage systems are made of unplasticised polyvinyl-chloride (PVC-U). The PVC-U quality has been set in accordance with the SRPS EN 1401 standard. Owing to the high quality of PVC as the building material, the pipes and connectors made from it are resistant to corrosion and negative chemical impact of acids, alkalis, salt compounds, bases, sulphates, alcohol and many other chemicals. The pipes can be permanently applied within the temperature range between 0ºC and +60ºC. Resistant to mechanical impact, they also provide very good electrical insulation and have an exploitation period of over 50 years. The pipes are not suitable for disposal of waste waters with a high content of petrol, acetone and benzene. The connections are made using a socket fitting (collar) and a rubber ring, securing full tightness of joints. PVC UK pipes and connectors are ideal for pipelines installed underground or on the ground surface, laid on free flat surfaces, for the disposal of waste water and rainfall. They are also utilised for industrial purposes, for the disposal of industrial waste waters and are equally suitable for free (gravitational) flow systems, as well as for low-pressure systems. The pipes are manufactured to the SN2 and SN4 quality standard. The choice of quality depends on the place of installation ant type of base surface. The useful length of the pipe is the length of the pipe without the depth of the collar. The nominal (outer) diameters of the pipes are between DN 160 and DN 400 (mm) and are supplied in lengths between 1000 mm and 6000 mm, with SN2 and SN4 circumferential rigidity quality. PVC UK are of red-brown colour (RAL 8023) and bear the following markings:

  • Code of standard: SRPS EN 1401
  • Outer diameter x wall thickness,
  • Type of material: PVC-U,
  • SN marking,
  • Manufacturer’s sign,
  • Year of production.