The corrugated (ring-enforced) polyethylene pipes used for protection of telecommunications and electrical power cables are made using high-density polyethylene PE80, of the DN 110 diameter. They are supplied in rods of 6m and 12 m length, or in a coil of 50 metres. The flexibility of the pipes in the coil is secured by the combination of the materials – PELD for the inner layer and PEHD for the outer. The pipes in rods are made using PEHD. The standard colours are yellow and red, but can be made in other colours as well, in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The PEHD corrugated pipes are easily adapted to the shape of the trench, owing to their flexibility. They can be shortened to measure using a common knife or a hand-saw. The corrugated polyethylene pipes are laid and utilised within the temperature scope of between -40ºC and +60ºC. The pipes are resistant to UV radiation and can be joined using the connector and the rubber seal. The production and quality control are in accordance with the SRPS EN 13476-3 standard.