About us

The AkvaPan inženjering company was founded as a private company, on 5th April 1993. The founders were the owners, Jadranka and Dragan Pantović. In order to assure high-quality operation, the company makes sure that all of the different phases of the production process are fully covered, from the procurement of raw materials, to the production, marketing and sales. The current market position, as well as the future development of “AkvaPan inženjering” are based on the company’s own potential and tradition, developed over the years. The objectives that the company is striving to attain are very ambitious and have required years of organised and committed work. The company’s management and the existing standards and regulations have defined the framework within which “AkvaPan inženjering” sets its aims:

  1. Efficient operation, aimed at satisfying market demands and customers needs: Commitment to our customers is a primary concern of all our employees, reflected in our work style and corporate culture.
  2. Focus on the quality and its continual improvement: For“AkvaPan inženjering”, quality is synonymous with the business philosophy and practice alike, and the full-scale progress that has been made since 1996 has been based on the competitive quality and business strategy. Our products possess full attest documentation issued by the approved Belgrade institute, while at the same time there are relevant standards and regulations that have been introduced in all the sectors of operation.
  3. Upgrading and development of the human resources: There are over 70 employees working for the company, organised into a flexible business system, working on improving the products and services, building the reputation and expanding the market position. The quality, the know-how and the skills of every employee are acquired systematically and constantly upgraded. This is our strategy that makes the difference in the approach, attitude and daily activities.
  4. Rationalisation of costs and profitability: The mission of the“AkvaPan inženjering”company is mastering a production of the highest technological level and best possible quality, offered at affordable prices. This is the key to defining some of the company’s most important corporate values such as competitiveness, quality and loyalty to customers.